People of Fredonia Farmers’ Market ROCK

People at the Fredonia Farmers’ Market have always been real, and great to see and talk with. Today, June 4th, 2016; was the first time my rocket stoves were demonstrated and marketed at The Fredonia Farmers’ Market.  I was especially humbled by the number of folks who approached me and the stoves, to see the demonstration, chat and share their creative ideas.  They get excited like I do when they think of a neat idea they like.  One person, a friend of mine, Jonathan Woolson, ordered a “Bare Rocket Stove“! and interviewed me about the rocket stoves with his camera and shared it with his friends.  Thank you Jonathan.

Photograph by Erica Carlson

Me/Paul (left) and Jonathan Woolson (right)
Photograph by Erica Carlson

I’m looking forward to applying new ideas given to me, to make reality.


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