The 2016 Fredonia Farm Festival was a Great One.

Everyone, or just about everyone was there, at the 2016 Fredonia Farm Festival, in the downtown park of Fredonia New York, August 26th through 28th.  The weather was perfect, no wind, no rain, not TOO hot, not cold.  I got there after work on Friday, at about 6:30, and it was already well underway. Not even twenty minutes into gettin set up, someone ordered!  I saw many friends and made a few this weekend, as I demonstrated my rocket stoves.

Using a rocket stove, I cooked:

  • Corn on the cob in husks (bought by organizer – Melissa Thompson, for the volunteers)
  • Sausage (bought by organizer – Melissa Thompson, for the volunteers)
  • Chicken Eggs (my breakfast)
  • Bacon (a hit)
  • Pancakes (using some of Tom Degolier’s batter he brought over)
  • Marshmallows (for Smores)

Here’s a picture of some volunteers enjoying some moist, no salt or butter necessary, SWEET local corn on the cob that was cooked over a rocket stove, fresh in the park.

Ended up selling five rocket stoves by the end of the festival.  Again, the best part was showing it off to many interested folks and making many interesting acquaintances, as well as seeing familiar faces.  Makin smores for kids and their parents was also a good time.  I hope to do this again next year and provide even more demonstration and goodies.

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