First Retailer Partner!

May 2018

IMG_4568 (2)

Come see for yourself: locally handmade rocket stoves made to order, NOW AT GREENER GARDENS!! (YAY! FIRST RETAILER of Paul’s Rocket Stoves ™!) There’s FOUR of them already on display: CobbleStove, Mini-CobbleStove, DeerLife, and Mini-Bare.


Special Thanks to The Fredonia Technology Incubator for connecting Paul’s Rocket Stoves, affiliate client of FTI, to Jill Purol, owner/operator of Greener Gardens.

About Greener Gardens:
“Whether you are an experienced gardener or just looking for your first planting adventure, we are here to assist you. We strive to grow as organically and naturally as possible and provide the same opportunity to our customers. At Greener Gardens we’ll help you create and maintain the garden you envision. We carry everything from mulch, stone, and soil to annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees. Greener Gardens offers quality plants at affordable prices.”

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