First Paid Gig!!

December 2018

I was minding my own business one day, when I received a message. Melanie Smith, Communications Coordinator at Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History, asked me if I was available to bring one of my stoves to RTPI on DEC 1 to roast marshmallows during their holiday open house! Now, of course I am excited, this is an honor. I said “Yes!” I have been to events to do this sort of thing before. Typically I must pay to be at an event, which is understandable, because I am promoting my business, even if I am offering something to the guests. SOMETIMES, I get lucky and am invited to (or allowed at) events for free.

BUT, THEN…. Melanie asked me, “and what do you charge?”

I have never been asked how much I charge for the supplemental service I offer for people. Kids can roast marshmallows, folks can get a hot drink, and I never charge. The thought has crossed my mind, to advertise this as a paid service, but, I didn’t take that thought very seriously… until now.

I consider this to be a milestone. This is the first paid gig for Paul’s Rocket Stoves. Now, not only does Paul’s Rocket Stoves offer a product, but now officially also offers a service. A sort of unconventional catering service that includes a sort of entertaining and educational aspect via narrated demonstration. Kids and adults can safely get more engaged and have a more memorable experience at your event!


Above photograph of Oliver roasting marshmallows is credited to Brendan Halbohm, owner of MADE Custom Media.

The photograph of the institute is taken from Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History Facebook Page and credited to Alex Shipherd Photography.

First Demo/Exhibit outside of home county!

October 2018


After talking with hundreds of people over the course of 15 hours between two days, at the most enormous festival I’ve ever been to and the FIRST festival I’ve vended at outside my home county of Chautauqua (Ellicottville Fall Festival), it’s good to come back to this.


Peter, the owner of Ellicotville Brewering Company, had the honor of meeting the owner of Paul’s Rocket Stove. What an honor for Peter, huh. 😂okay, other way around.
Bragging point continued: Peter and his friend John approached and hung out for a couple enthusiastic minutes!
I mean, no biggie, I just drink their beer 😎

Shout out to those who came by and said Hi. Andrew KausSue Buchholz KahabkaKeith MuñizCarli Lingafelter CookDakoda Marie, new friends @Philip Harvey and @Leanna Troup, and others.

Shout out to my vendor neighbors for being cool humans. They may never see this, but at lease you can know cool humans exist. Tanya and @Paul Kozlowski, and Anneliese and Patricia Freling.

Shout out to Thomas Degolier of DeGolier’s Maple Products, for donating cherry-wood and ash-wood.

Shout out to the Fredonia Technology Incubator for helping me make good promotional material and essential business material.

Shout out to you for reading this. Are you still reading this? Go on, go live.

First Retailer Partner!

May 2018

IMG_4568 (2)

Come see for yourself: locally handmade rocket stoves made to order, NOW AT GREENER GARDENS!! (YAY! FIRST RETAILER of Paul’s Rocket Stoves ™!) There’s FOUR of them already on display: CobbleStove, Mini-CobbleStove, DeerLife, and Mini-Bare.


Special Thanks to The Fredonia Technology Incubator for connecting Paul’s Rocket Stoves, affiliate client of FTI, to Jill Purol, owner/operator of Greener Gardens.

About Greener Gardens:
“Whether you are an experienced gardener or just looking for your first planting adventure, we are here to assist you. We strive to grow as organically and naturally as possible and provide the same opportunity to our customers. At Greener Gardens we’ll help you create and maintain the garden you envision. We carry everything from mulch, stone, and soil to annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees. Greener Gardens offers quality plants at affordable prices.”


May 2018

Mee! Mee! Mee! Mee!

This was a request through the website by Terri Holy as a surprise  for her Beaker-Fan-Husband Richard Holuj Holy.


Pictured in the center is their son and his friends who came along with Terri (standing out of shot) to meet the “Beaker-Stove” for the first time!!😂😂😂

Great Idea! I figured out a way to make it work so his mouth opens and closes at the tug of a hidden cable threaded through an embedded pipe!

Beaker-Stove is born!