In with Fredonia Technology Incubator!

December 2017

I was very excited and humbled when the Fredonia Technology Incubator accepted my request to pitch my business to them. They only accept businesses they believe to be a right fit. It appears they have seen the potential of Paul’s Rocket Stoves to develop into a financially viable and freestanding business, and they agree it is a right fit….
Now: I am grateful, honored, and excited to announce my business’s acceptance!!
In return: I intend to make the most out of the support I am about to receive for Paul’s Rocket Stoves, and to make them and you proud, as a new Affiliate Client!

Mini Rocket Stove!

October, 2017

A new, smaller profile, lighter model is born! ‘Mini’

They weigh between 11-20 lbs, mainly depending on if there’s a coat of mortar and how much mortar is coated. They are still composed of 80% perlite, 20% Portland cement with steel lath embedded. They work the same way the regular size models work, drawing air in and drafting the heat. There’s less draw and less fuel capacity, with the smaller fire box. However, they’ll get the job done. Plus, you can take them hiking if you want!

Big Improvements! (No More Big Cracks!)

Until recently: the stoves were cracking badly and falling apart after a short while. This was due to several poor production techniques. After giving this problem some thought, a new way of doing things was implemented. Of course, every stove is made to be better than the previous stove in some way. Every little thing that can be improved upon in some way is striven for. The end result is a better product that doesn’t show significant cracks! Plus, the stoves are now also better at insulating and channeling heat, and LIGHTER!

Moral of the story: The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.

The thermometer reads: 923.3°F inside chimney

Julia Dean Teamed-Up

Building rocket stoves is good hard work, it's nice to take a break and fire one up for dinner. Here's Julia Dean doing exactly that!

You might know her, you might not.  If you DON’T know her, keep reading.  If you DO know her, keep reading.  Julia Dean – a super-hero of a human-being just voluntarily climbed aboard the P.R.S. ship; teaming up with Paul, to design, build, demonstrate, and sell these custom, handmade, wood-burning, cooking appliances.

Julia removing a pipe from the mostly hardened form.
Julia removing a pipe from the mostly hardened form.

Julia Dean is from Silver Creek, New York.  She is the granddaughter of Christine and Thomas DeGolier of DeGolier’s Maple Products, Forestville, NY.  Julia likes to help her grandparents on the farm and at the market.  She loves animals and animals love her.  If you know Julia, you know she adds to whatever she becomes apart of.

Immediately, Julia learned the basic processes of building Paul’s Rocket Stoves, and as the next week rolled around, she was voluntarily doing it on her own.  Not only is Julia contributing to production, she is improving the quality of the standard operating procedures, therefore improving the quality of the final products.  For instance, one of the first things Julia did was point out the lack of packing that was previously being done, and has inspired more attention to detail.  Miss Dean notices mistakes before they happen, pointing out when certain steps such as lubrication need to be done.  She also offers creative input and a MIGHTY spirit to the show.  Look for Julia at the vending shows, like the fair this summer …and say HI!

Building rocket stoves is good hard work, it's nice to take a break and fire one up for dinner. Here's Julia Dean doing exactly that!
Building rocket stoves is good hard work, it’s nice to take a break and fire one up for dinner. Here’s Julia Dean doing exactly that!

Rocket Stove for Forestville Fire Department

It was the 15th Anniversary of the tragedy that happened on September 11th, 2001, and in remembrance and recognition of the heroes who responded to that emergency, as well as all emergencies; the Forestville-Wesleyan Church partnered with the Forestville-Fire Dept-Inc to acknowledge and appreciate emergency responders for their service. I’m happy and honored to have presented this custom, handmade rocket stove, designed and built by artist Ruth Wheat and myself, for the Forestville Fire Department.