Crystal Rose Rocket Stove

Crystal Rose Rocket Stove

This is the Crystal Rose Rocket Stove. THE Crystal Rose Rocket Stove, because there’s only one and there’ll only ever be one. Yep, this is a special limited edition. Limited to one. See, Julia Dean noticed an ugly chandelier hanging over Paul Jackino’s dinning room and pointed it out. It was agreed that something must be done, so the crystals were removed and where did they find a new home? Yep… Julia knew right where they should go and what to name the new creature. SO, if YOU have an idea and you’e bold enough to share it – it could be the next SPECIAL limited edition. Unless we all decide we can keep making them as a regular model. But as for this beauty, it’s a bare rocket stove coated with white crack resistant thin-set mortar and topped with several clear crystals. Pretty cool. This one goes to the best offer. (It comes in red too!)

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