Bruce Ellis suggested glass be used in the making of a stove, so to let the light from the fire glow through. After contemplating and aquiring irridecent glass tiles from Dietzen’s Carpets & Flooring Carpet store in Fredonia, New York, work began. Eyes were made by boring holes through the perlite/cement and then placing the irridecent glass tiles on each eye – then securing in place with a crack resistant thin-set mortar. The application of moartar involved hand moldin eyebrows and embedding three metamorphic stones on top of the stove for a pedasal to place pots/pans/grates/kettles and such. Handles were installed by boring holes on each side and tapping in railroad-spikes. The stove got a coat of green masonry paint, brown paint on the eyebrows, red paint in the mouth, and black paint on the railroad-spike handles. When stepping back to see the whole creature: it appeared to rersemble frankenstein. This is probably not what Bruce had in mind when he said use glass, but, this is what we got, and hence it’s named after Bruce and Frankenstein. “FrankenBruce”

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